Steal A Step

Circus Like You’ve Never Seen

    Have we crossed a line?

    Challenging and violating borders between disciplines and genders, between private and public, and between everyday life and art.

    Do you feel what we feel?

    Tapping into our most basic shared instincts: our physical and psychological needs, our individual fears and self-consciousness, and our concerns about life, the future, and the world we live in.

    Where did you think this was headed?

    Emphasizing difference over unity and favoring personal preferences and variety over objective, ultimate truths.

    Do we make you uncomfortable?

    Forcing audiences to think about issues in a way that can be disturbing and calling attention to the absurdities in life and the idiosyncrasies of human behavior.

Pushing Circus Into Performance Art

Sexy, daring, genre-bending circus

A Study In Duality

How We Formed

Steal a Step grew out two movement innovators’ desire to stretch the bounds of American contemporary circus and create ephemeral and authentic experiences for the performer and audience. Our non-linear shows challenge the rules of settled society and invite an audience to throw off their inhibitions and often enter the artistic fray. Through unforgettable performances and breath-taking visuals, we embody the essence of humanity: free-thinking, yearning, and essentially uncertain.



Opposites Attract

Who We Are

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Joshua Handal
Duo Trapeze | Rope
Joshua Handal is an international artist with a degree in contemporary circus performance from the Ecole de Cirque de Quebec. While in Canada, he worked with his trapeze partner to create contemporary and abstract movement on duo trapeze their brand Duo Josh and Marie. Turning an eye to producing and directing, in 2016 he cofounded Steal A Step with Jessica John. Josh has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and business from The University of Virginia and is an accomplished pianist and composer.
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Jessica John
Dance Trapeze | Rope | Fabric
Jessica John is a circus artist, coach, and choreographer who specializes in aerial rope, fabric, and dance trapeze. In 2016, she cofounded Steal A Step with Joshua Handal. A sixth generation New Orleanian, Jessica is also the creative and managing director of Vaudoux Aerial Dance Theatre. Jessica has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Colorado, a master's degree in legislative affairs from George Washington University, and a law degree from Boston University.

A World Premiere

Upcoming Events
Kick Before You Drown World Premiere
July 7-14 In Washington DC


Kick Before You Drown

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